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(available until 10 August 2020)


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Juliet Alder Plenary Hall

Gladys Mujajati Room

Francis Olabode Ajanlekoko Room

Ann Shepherd Room

Julliane Cadby Room

Recordings will become available soon

Alanzo Smith room

Lillian Mudzivare Room

Brian Mfula Connections & Sharing Room

Andy Costa Social Events Room

Dawn Marshall Recordings Room

Rutendo Mukotsanjera room

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Accessible before, during & after IMEC 2020

Pre-recorded sessions

Experiences from a COVID-19 patient

Simon DuPlock, Alistair McBeath & Sofie Bager-Charlston: psychological therapies and COVID-19

Joel Vos: the psychology of COVID-19

Joel Vos: Corona-Capitalism

Last minute extra sessions & try-out room

Naturally, IMEC wants to be as up to date as possible. Therefore, some individuals will speak in this room about some recent developments. The schedule to these sessions will be placed here in the Lobby.

Furthermore, if you want to try out how a Zoom room works, you can use this room when there is nothing else going on.

No recordings available

Via website; no password needed

No recordings available for this room

Juliet Alder plenary lectures hall

Gladys Mujajati Room

Francis Olabode Ajanlekoko Room

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Link: Zoom Password: IMEC

Link: Zoom Password: IMEC

Link: Zoom Password: IMEC

Ann Shepherd Room

Julianne Cadby Room

Alanzo Smith Room

Lilian Mudzivare Room

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Link: Zoom Password: IMEC

Recordings will become available soon

Link: Zoom Password: IMEC

Link: Zoom Password: IMEC

Have your say & contribute the joint conference statement!

Fill in the ‘End of the day poll’!

Please at the end of the day, before our last plenary panel discussion, fill in the ‘end of the day poll’. We will summarise the findings in the final discussion, and we will also use your answers in our publications about the conference.

You can find the poll here:

You can find the automated mean answers to the poll here: ‎


Options in the Juliet Alder Plenary Lectures Hall

  • watch live webinar
  • ask questions to the presenter via chat function
  • text other participants via chat function
  • the host can allow you to speak, e.g. to ask a question

Options in other Zoom rooms

  • watch live workshop/lecture
  • when you enter the room, your sound will be muted. You can unmute yourself by clicking on the sound button low left in the Zoom-screen
  • you can join with your own audio and video on
  • you can raise your hand if you want to speak; wait for the host to accept your request to speak
  • ALWAYS mute yourself when you are not talking, as your background noise could distract the meeting
  • you can respond with an icon of clapping hands or thumbs up
  • you can chat with everyone else in the room or privately with a specific individual by clicking on the ‘chat’ buttton in the bar low in the Zoom-screen
  • you can share files with others in the chat
  • the presenter or host of the meeting could allow you to share your screen


First time: Zoom Client Download

The first time that you use Zoom on your device, Zoom will ask to download a ‘Zoom Client’. Please accept this.


The password for all meetings is IMEC

Video about how to join a Zoom meeting

Watch video from 0:20 minute

How to configure audio or video in a Zoom meeting

Other Zoom tutorials

Other problems

During the conference you can contact the conference chair here:

As the conference chair will be hosting rooms, it can take some time before he can answer your email.