The IMEC Virtual Conference enhances the conference for participants onsite and also provides the opportunity of attending for those unable to travel to IMEC 2021. 

As part of their standard package, each conference participant onsite will get a code to also access the virtual conference, which they can access on their phone, laptop or tablet. Individuals who cannot join the conference physically, can buy a specific ‘IMEC virtual-only’ ticket, which will be slightly more than half of the price of a regular ticket.

Which features will be available online?

-Each session will be live-streamed online.

-Participants who join a live session can comment and ask questions via the interactive option. Participants can also chat with each other.

-We will use a virtual classroom platform, which will allow the voice and video of the lecturer be live-streamed next to their presentation file (e.g. PowerPoint or pdf). In addition the lecturer could add any videos, interactive questions and quizzes, etc. Lecturers will get access to the virtual classroom two weeks before the event so that they could upload and personalise their virtual classroom if they would like; alternatively, they send their presentation to the organisers who will put their presentation in the standard virtual classroom. If presenters cannot physically come to the conference venue, they will be able to present from home in the virtual classroom.

-All sessions will be recorded. All main lectures will be put on YouTube several months after the conference.   

-All participants will be able to watch sessions up until one month after the end of the conference. This will allow them to see sessions which they have not been able to attend during the conference.

-In addition to the classrooms that are parallel to each physical classroom, there will be a ‘virtual living room’. Any conference participants can present here, share their experiences or chat with each other.