Want 50% reduction on your conference fee?

Spread the word for IMEC 2021! We will offer three individuals a 50% discount on their total conference fee for helping to promote the conference, e.g. in social media (post regularly in forums), amongst students and colleagues, etc. Fill in the form below if you’d want to get a reduction!

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IMEC 2021 Student Presentation Award

During the conference, the scientific committee will award three IMEC Student Presentation Awards:

-Most innovative research;

-Best practice presentation;

-Most inspiring answer to meaning in crisis / crisis in meaning.

If you want to be taken into consideration for the student award, please tick the box ‘eligible for student award’ when you submit your abstract!


IMEC 2021 student bursary

IMEC will offer three students free entrance to the full conference  and the gala dinner. If you want to apply for a student bursary please fill in the form below! And you may be awarded free entrance!


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Volunteers wanted!

IMEC 2021 is a not-for-profit event organised by volunteers. Therefore we are looking for you to help us!

Volunteering is meaningful and fun, will look good on your CV… and you could get to the conference for free!


Long-term volunteers wanted :


-IMEC 2021 virtual conference (management of the event online);

-Registration desk managament;

-Conference participant correspondence.


Volunteers during the conference:

-Prepare rooms;

-Registration desk;

-Registration at gala dinner;

-IT (much wanted!);

-Video recording (much wanted!).


The long-term volunteers get free attendance to the full conference. The other volunteers can volunteer approx. 50% of the time and attend sessions for the other 50% of the time.

You will have fun with the other volunteers, have a meaningful contribution to a meaningful conference, learn new skills and improve your CV!

Any questions? Email info@meaning.org.uk

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