Conference chair. Meaning Online. Metanoia Institute. New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling.

‘He who has a WHY to live for, can deal with almost any HOW.’ (Nietzsche)
In our dynamic time of financial, societal and ecological crises, the ways HOW we live our lives are continuously questioned. More than ever, we need to focus on what motivates us and offers structural stability. Many people can benefit from discovering their WHY, such as psychologically distressed individuals, physically ill patients, immigrants, jobless, individuals in intercultural conflict zones, policy makers and politicians. There are many different ways to find our WHY, to support individuals in searching, and to measure this scientifcally.


My interests and expertise are broad. They often focus on developing and validating new types of counselling for individuals in ‘boundary situations’ in their lives when they have to cope with existential uncertainties. This frequently involves individuals with a physical problem, such as cancer patients and genetics. I have extensive experience in the development, scientific validation and clinical application of innovative psychological interventions, trainings and instruments/questionnaires. I have published cutting edge articles in both scientific journals and popular literature; my theses have been received positively by clinicians, researchers and politicians. Many research projects are collaborations with some of the best institutes in the world, e.g. NHS London, Leiden University Medical Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center New York, and Twente University.


The lectures and workshops that I give tend to focus on conducting scientific research in counselling psychology, and on existential psychology.

In the past, I have been employed at universities. I also hold my private psychological practice. I give trainings, lectures, counseling, assessment and consultancy to individuals, companies, national politicians, NGOs.