Piers Worth

This key note will share early work being undertaken by Scott Tower and Piers Worth, supported by Carmel Proctor in exploring the links and synergy between ‘positive psychology’ and a specialized lineage within Chinese medicine called ‘Virtue Healing’ and its potential contribution to our practice, including ‘meaning making’.

The work recognises that ‘virtues’ had a primary place in early positive psychology theory, yet the possible contribution may have been under-developed. By exploring a link with ‘Virtue Healing’, we see how the presence of virtues may be developed and a potentially powerful connection with ‘second wave positive psychology’. The link offers two profound perspectives: the inter-connected nature of our personal and social world, and how our ‘negative’ emotions may point towards a specific direction of development and healing.  Both of these have the potential, individually or together, to contribute to our meaning-making.

(Scott Tower is one of the world’s leading Chinese medicine practitioners and is collaborating with Piers and contributing to the development of this theory and practice.)”