Michael Steger

Reading the tea leaves of the fickle business culture can be maddening, but several signs point to ‘engagement fatigue’ and businesses and consultants alike seem to be looking for something with more depth. I am sure we could all agree that infusing and nurturing meaning and work together would be a deeper, more profound, and more impactful way to work. Beyond hard to predict trends, individual workers at every stage in their career paths seem open to and interested in meaningful work. This workshop shares one of the models (SPIRE) and one of the strategies (personal mission statements) I use in my coaching and organizational consulting to provide a map to meaning at work. I will also share some of the research demonstrating that meaningful work provides a return on investment to forward-thinking organizations. With these tools in hand, you will be able to provide a structured and compelling case for investing in meaningful work, whether that is for yourself, for your coaching clients, or for the organizations you work with.