Martin Milton

Austerity, Brexit, the rise of the Right, political leaders with questionable mandates, elections and referenda … the meanings of which all seem to dominate our social and media discourse. The world is increasingly divided, with the rich growing richer, the poor ever poorer, gender relations being fraught and racism, islamphopbia and homophobia rife, and the environment being torn asunder. All of which have implications for our daily lives.

In this talk Martin will consider questions that arise in such a stormy sea, questions of meaning, manifestation and possibility. Martin will suggest that good social and therapeutic outcomes are limited when our clients, and we ourselves, have to constantly navigate a landscape of economic, political and social difference; differences that are subject to hate, oppression and discrimination and the psychological distress and social disorder that lay in its wake.

During the talk Martin will argue that it is not enough to criticise politicians, those that set themselves up as media commentators and other headline sensationalists, but we need to consider the foundations of hate and Othering pervading wider society. Social justice needs to be considered at many levels, all of which intersect and inform our existence.

Martin will ask the audience to draw on their creativity, their values, social positioning, and experience in the consulting room to consider what this should look like.