Paul Wong

Integrative meaning therapy (MT) is also known as meaning-centered counselling and therapy (MCCT).  MT is designed to provide a pluralistic and comprehensive way to work with meaning-in-life issues in a chaotic and uncertain world.  It is predicated on the paradoxical assumption that only through confronting the dark side of human existence can one discover meaning and fulfillment. Through authentic encounters with their clients, meaning therapists offer the opportunity to move from fixing their presenting problems to embarking on a journey of personal growth.  Clients will learn the adaptive functions of choosing a leap of faith and savoring meaningful moments in their constant struggles for survival and sanity.  They will also learn the adaptive benefits of striving towards a worthy goal and active engagement with what really matters in spite of the obstacles and other limiting factors.  This workshop will present empirical evidence supporting the basic assumptions and practices of MT. It will demonstrate how MT can be employed as an adjunct for other therapeutic modalities or as a self-sufficient framework for therapy.