Itai Ivtzan


Meaning in life is one of the greatest gifts we can offer ourselves. Research in positive and existential psychology is showing that people who experience high levels of personal meaning are happier and more grateful, passionate and kind. However, there are still fascinating questions regarding the process of finding our own personal meaning in life. In this talk, I will present the topic of mindfulness, which is the factor I consider to be the most important in our journey of deepening our sense of meaning and purpose. I will discuss research and theory that explore the relationship between Mindfulness and meaning, and explain why and how one allows the other to grow and flourish.

When I imagine meaning, it is not as something heavy and stable, like a rock. Instead, I imagine a flowing river. Your personal sense of meaning constantly moves, shape-shifts, and transforms according to the changes of your own self. Life is a constant process of change; and as you change, so does your sense of meaning. And this is where Mindfulness becomes a precious companion to meaning: if you practise Mindfulness in your everyday life, you will develop self-awareness. You will become aware of what is right for you. You will be able to find what moves within you and align your choices accordingly. This is an incredible skill because it means that your personal meaning remains fresh, relevant, authentic and firmly rooted in the present experiences of your life.